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Thursday, 1 August 2013


Finally, i'm giving up, Blackberry perlu di"servis" and it takes time to recover, hopefully, before rayala elok kan, nak contacs orang sangaaaaaaaaatttttttt susah!, then my tablet perlu reformat la, apala, bla bla, and it takes some of my time, haahaha. Since then, i was no longer available for ALL ONLINE app, What'sapp, KakoeTalk,WeChat pffftttt, back to basics, SMS/email/Facebook Chat, in case i'm not replying you, please call me :). I will try ASAP to get my new sim card (i lost my phone) and please mention your nama, because i don't know, who is who.

Secondly, penghantaran untuk Handphone last esok (2 OGOS 2013), poslaju akan tutup, jadi cepat-cepat collect order, mingu depan boleh sampai, in sha ALLAH .

FACEBOOK : Sarah Alias
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PHONE          : 0132163981

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