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Sunday, 13 May 2012


it's kind of cool writing in the middle of night, with sound of the motors, cars, and sound of the air-cond...hahahaha..*i'm writing in the car, while my love sleep and resting for a while before we going to our own home..hehehe

he waits for me at our usual place, hehehe..and give him a ride..hmmm..*he the one who drove the car..hahahaha..

we stop by the McD's for breakfast, he was so hungry, so he couldn't wait until Kuala lumpur, so just exit the highway to Nilai instead...hahaha, lapar sangat sampai habiskan hashbrown 2 keping *he insist he don't like it..hahaha

after breakfast, we continue our journey...
thanks to GPS! it save our time..hahahaha..
we safely arrived at Genting..

buy ticket, and.....


he really don't want to ride's really upset..u come all over for both theme park, and refuse to ride it???...and simply choose the indoor game..
so, i keep pujuk, and he agree and wanted to accompany me..hehehe..
and he keep being a drama king..he so nervous, and his face paint in pale..obviously..hahaha..

we playing almost all the game, but some of it under maintenance...
back home after maghrib..*genting is so good providing facilities for all, especially  place for prayer..hehehe..
and he has been here before, so he find great places for lunch..MAMAK's !!!'s only for STAFF..but who care?

since we cannot afford for two hotel/rooms *we not married yet!!!
so we decide just go home after that...just get some rest at the petrol pump..sleep in the car, and i'm writing this..he slept so soundly..tired for long journey...

before we go home, i just decide to bring him to the Danau Kota, searching for his favourite jersey..Italyyyyy!!!..
but he not buying it, insist me to buy for him..hahaha..
a cool window shopping together..


but my mistakes is, i don't really bother about his health, i just wanted to being happy kids..hehehe..after this i should be more careful..because he is suspected of having a heart attack..poor him..hopefully it's just a normal sick..huhuhu.. may ALLAH bless him..

so, basicly the Genting Theme Park is awesome, it's just a begining before we go to the Universal Studio Singapore..hahaha..

see u guys soon..