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Wednesday, 20 July 2011


oh yeah???

Many people already know it but lack the commitment and determination required to achieve the target.

Skinny people eat food but never overeat

''I feel like im not patient enough I want to lose all my excess weight in like a week and once ni see that I have only lost a pound with all my hard work I get discouraged. How do I train myself to stay positive that it will happen for me to lose weight''

often heard people membebel on their weight, surely we should be thankful with what is given. kadang2 slalu jugak rase kurang, tapi most of da time boleh terima lg. yang penting, jangan overweight sudah..(tapi rasa macam tue la) tsk..tsk..tsk..

I subscribe to this eDiets as a tengok2 sahaja, its fun just look at it, although not following, its kinda of therapy..hehe..but given very useful tips. So, what are you waiting, Subscribe now. Its also in eDiet Facebook . Like it now.

nanti boleh cantik macam ni

yeah! yeah! yeah!

mula2 macam ni

pastu hamek ko!

dia ni memang power la..

korang ikot la tips/petua sume tuh..kompem la..tapi kalo malam2 still carik nasi, ayam , daging.
kuar dating makan GCB plak. hahahahahahaha..SENGSARA!!!

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